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Innovation Inspired by Nature

By harnessing inspiration from nature, we invest in the selection and development of innovative and reliable products that promote the scientific truth of nature, for the benefit of the consumer.

Product categories



BeezCare™ HEALTH & WELLNESS product line by ILS Pharma consists of products which are based on the beneficial properties of honey and ingredients directly associated with bees, such as propolis, as well as many more carefully selected ingredients like herbs and vitamins, among others.

BeezCare™ BEAUTY is a series of skincare products by ILS Pharma, based on the beneficial properties of honey and other ingredients directly related to bees (propolis, beeswax, etc.), as well as specialized, innovative ingredients with proven efficacy for skincare.

At ILS Pharma, we invest in supporting research and innovation, developing comprehensive product lines of high nutritional value. In this endeavor, ExcellVie product line serves as a cornerstone of the company, aiming to meet consumer needs by offering products with absolute dedication to quality, safety, and effectiveness.

IGAZYM throat lozenges are a high-quality dietary supplement with significant nutritional value. Their unique natural composition, containing colostrum and lysozyme, contributes significantly to soothing the irritated throat and enhancing the immune system, especially of the the upper respiratory tract.