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Colostrum and its significance

Back in the early ’70s, microbiologist Jens R. Pedersen began researching the potential use of the immune factors of colostrum for the benefit of humans. The challenge was to keep the antibodies intact and active when administered orally. In recognition of his work in the field of immunology at the Behring Institute, Jens R. Pedersen received the silver medal Emil von Behring.
In 1979, after years of research, the Pedersen laboratory was founded and the production of the first version of throat lozenges with colostrum began. Since then, research in the field has been ongoing and advanced and patented technologies have been developed, enabling the production of truly unique colostrum-based products. Generations of Scandinavian consumers – and not only – have enjoyed the benefits of IGAZYM, helping them to combat cold and sore throat.

True to its values and philosophy of continuously seeking innovative products to meet consumer needs, ILS Pharma is the exclusive distributor of IGAZYM products of PEDERSEN BIOTECH. IGAZYM throat lozenges are a high-quality food supplement with significant nutritional value. Their unique natural composition, containing colostrum and lysozyme, contributes significantly to soothing the irritated throat and enhancing the immune system, especially of the upper respiratory tract.
IGAZYM lozenges are manufactured through a specially patented process in Denmark. There are no restrictions on who can benefit from IGAZYM lozenges: women, men, young, seniors. Consumers seeking a natural approach with proven results in a food supplement will certainly find it in IGAZYM.
They have been marketed in Scandinavia, as well as in other countries, for over 40 years in four delightful flavors:

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Colostrum used in IGAZYM is collected from the first 2 milkings of cows just after calving. It is a unique food of unparalleled importance for the survival and further development of newborns as it is rich in components such as immunoglobulins (antibodies), antimicrobial peptides, growth factors, vitamins, trace elements, etc. similar to those found in human breast milk.

“The immunoglobulins (antibodies) found in colostrum contribute to the development of the newborn’s passive immunity to combat pathogenic microorganisms (such as viruses and bacteria).” At the same time, they can also contribute to the regulation of adaptive or acquired immunity. The antibodies found in colostrum are mainly IgG type. IgG is usually the type of antibody found in the blood. The type of antibody found in the throat is IgA. IgA is like 2 IgG’s bound together with a protecting group called secretory component. The secretory component protects the antibody from being destroyed by enzymes present in the oral cavity.

The IgGs contained in the colostrum used in IGAZYM throat lozenges are protected with a secretory component protecting them from destruction when taken orally. The combination of this particular type of IgG along with the enzyme lysozyme from egg white protects against bacteria and viruses, contributing significantly to the reinforcement of the immune system and consequently, the relief of the irritated throat.
This mechanism of action is patented!!