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BeezCare™ BEAUTY is a product line by ILS Pharma, whose products are based on the beneficial properties of honey and other bee-related ingredients (propolis, beeswax, etc.), as well as on specialized, innovative ingredients with proven effects for skincare.

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Honey is widely accepted in the world of natural skincare for its nourishing and healing properties, while propolis is recognized for its antiseptic and reparative action. Similarly, beeswax is a powerful moisturizing and soothing agent, protecting the skin by retaining moisture within.

Since ancient times, honey has been used for its therapeutic purposes. The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans used honey for wound healing, stomach disorders, and burns. Specifically, Hippocrates recommended honey for wound healing, coughs and sore throats, eye conditions, and local antisepsis.

Honey contains more natural antioxidants (substances that reduce the negative effects of free radicals) than almost any other natural source. It also contains numerous amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Honey has many benefits for skin health, as it helps in managing skin conditions and promotes wound healing. The multiple benefits of honey are based on its high content of natural antioxidants and soothing agents, which contribute to enhancing skin health.

Propolis is nature’s antibiotic and one of its best-kept secrets. It balances problematic skin, unclogs pores, accelerates cell turnover, while simultaneously soothing and healing the skin.

Drawing inspiration from nature, we invest in selecting products with innovative formulas that include unique, natural ingredients from modern cosmetics. This philosophy, combined with the rigorous scientific validation, proven safety, and effectiveness of these ingredients, ensure the uniqueness of the BeezCare™ BEAUTY product line.

Products that promote the scientific truth of nature on the skin.

Sustainability commitment

We continue to evolve, innovate, and pioneer in all areas as a company. For this purpose, our company has chosen to use environmentally friendly packaging such as recycled sugarcane tubes. All tube packaging is 100% recyclable.